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Check out our 2009 green event trends report. Learn more about innovations from thought leader from around the country and how Portland holds up.

Elysium: A place or condition of ideal happiness



Race for the Cure Portland: 2007-2014

Attendance: 25,000-50,000

Duration: 1 day

Diversion Rate: Average 83%

Race for the Cure Eugene: 2010-2014

Attendance: 5000

Duration: 1 day

Diversion Rate: Unknown


Widmer Oktoberfest: 2010-2014

Attendance: 5000

Duration: 1 day

Diversion Rate: Average 86% 


Shamrock Run: 2012-2014

Attendance: 45,000

Duration: 1 day

Diversion Rate: Average 83%


Bite of Oregon: 2007, 2008, 2010

Attendance: 40,000

Duration: 3 days

Diversion Rate: Up from 22% in 2006 (pre-Elysium) to 65% in 2007 and then 81% in 2010

Terrapin Events: Cinco De Mayor, Mt Tabor Doggie Challenge, Run Like Hell: 2010, 2011 

Attendance: 5,000-10,000

Duration: 1 day each

Diversion Rate: average 75%

Portland Farmers Market: 2010

  • Zero waste event consulting for their launch of the "EverGreen" initiative to encourage more recycling and composting and less waste at throughout the Portland markets
  • Led development of a metric tracking database, accomplishing the first time ability to obtain quantitative results for their waste reduction efforts

Eugene US Track & Field Trials for World Championships: 2009

Attendance: 7000 per day

Duration: 1 week

Diversion Rate: 78%    

Garten Services: 2009
Zero waste event consultant providing a seminar and consulting services to get company up to speed on processes and best practices for successful implementation of working towards zero waste for outdoor events for their preparation in servicing the Marion County Fair and Oregon State Fair.

Eugene '08 Olympic Track and Field Trials: 2008

Attendance: 20,000 people per day

Duration: 2 weeks

Diversion Rate: 73%


The Eugene 08 event received Lane County's "Trashbuster Award" and theThe International Olympic Committee's Award for Sport and the Environment for it's sustainability initiatives. Cost savings for this event was over $8000.00 for it's resource recovery efforts.

Seattle's Green Fest: 2008
Assistant Greening Manager with Seven Star Events at one of the nation's largest sustainable living festivals. Through extensive recycling and composting efforts and hundreds of volunteers, the Seattle Green Fest boasted a 97% landfill diversion rate.
The Performance Group: 2008
Provided a green meeting assessment for a 3 day business sales conference. Produced a report on findings of onsite evaluations and recommendations for improving internal systems and policies for green meetings.

  • American Institute of Graphic Designers; SHIFT EVENT September 2010
    Presenter: "Green Events"
  • Association of Oregon Recyclers 2010 Conference
    Panel Member: "Best Practices and Trends in Zero Waste Events"
  • International Special Event Society May Meeting
    Panel Member: "Green Events"
  • Green Meeting Industry Council May Meeting
    Presenter: "Best Practices in Green Events"
  • Oregon Festvals and Events Association 2010 Conference
    Presenter: "Zero Waste Events"
  • National Bicycle Tour Director's Association 2009 Conference
    Presenter: "Zero Waste Events"
  • OPB's Think Outloud
    Guest: "Our Relationship With Stuff"
  • Washington Fairs Association 2008 Conference
    Presenter: “Greening Your Event”
  • Art Institute of Portland Intro to Sustainability Class
    Presenter: “Being a Green Entrepreneur”
  • SWANA Outside the Blue Box 2008 Conference
    Moderator: “Special Event Recycling”
  • "The Portland Bottom Line": selected as contributor in book on practices in sustainable business.
  • Oregonian OP ED: published opinion on Oregon's legislative session considering a statewide ban on plastic bags.
  • "Zero Waste Metrics Tracker": allows clients to keep track of their waste diversion overtime with automatic report generator to evaluate results at any point in time.
  • "Compostable Food Service Ware Manual": a guide to the ins and outs of Portland's compost system that includes a comprehensive list of facility approved compostable food service ware and where to it.