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Sustainable support from the ground up.

Whether you’re a big time production company, a coordinator of an annual event, a venue that hosts many events a year, or an independent planner looking to offer sustainable choices to your clients, we’re more than happy to help.  Our services fall into several categories; connected, but able to stand on their own depending on what you need. Remember, sustainability is a journey...and we’ve got a pretty good map.   



General Materials Management


Sure, you can place a bunch of trash and recycling containers around the event and call it good. Did you know though, if too much of the wrong materials get into the recycling or compost bins, you risk the entire load getting rejected and instead dumped in the landfill? People are often well meaning but the whole “what goes where” of recycling and composting can be confusing.


Contamination is bad; we make sure it doesn’t happen. We also come up with a plan to divert as much from the landfill as possible by finding unique alternatives for hard to recycle items, composting food scraps and donating left over schwag and food to local non-profits.


The base of our service includes:

  • Assess the materials generated at the event and make a plan to minimize the amount going to the landfill.
  • Coordinate appropriate receptacles & dumpsters for the materials generated at your event.
  • Create customized waste reduction tips and sorting guides for your vendors. Consulting on compostable food service ware if applicable.
  • Empty full bins during the event while sorting as we go, to make sure the right stuff gets in the right bins.

MOOP-ing (Materials Out of Place – i.e. Pick up Litter)


Though it would be super nice if it didn’t, litter inevitably happens at many outdoor events. Our teams will MOOP your event grounds to ensure they look as good as new.  


Staffed Recycle Stations


The best bet if you are a large event and want to compost food scraps. If you have the volunteer teams, we’ll train them to help guide your attendees make sure the right stuff goes in the right bins.


Back of House Sorting


This is a great alternative if you want to compost at your event but don’t have the volunteer power to staff recycle stations. Our team can conduct a BOH sort through all compost, recycling and trash before it hits the dumpsters. This reduces contamination risk and ensures your waste reduction efforts aren’t for naught.



In order to make an event sustainable, there are some basic ingredients we’re more than happy to share with you. Whether you’re creating an event for the first time, or trying to perfect past efforts, we can help identify key areas for you to consider, and offer advice on how to make a positive impression without making a negative impact. 

We know that the big picture is comprised of a thousand details.  We can offer you a full-spectrum diagnosis of your event and create a detailed evaluation to analyze your current systems, identify missed opportunities and provide recommendations for improvement.